Product diversity

Product diversity

We specialize in the production and distribution of construction chemicals. Our mixtures introduce air voids into materials such as plasters or masonry mortars, improve their workability, and help prevent the formation of cracks. Our air-entraining compounds are suited for low-dust introduction into storage & mixing vessels.

Air-entraining agents

Berolan air-entraining agents are powdery surfactants that cause small, stable, and equally distributed air voids to be incorporated into the plaster. These reduce shrinkage and stress cracking, enhance workability, and improve the open time.

Air-entraining compounds

Air-entraining compounds are either mixtures of several active ingredients to optimize the air void structure, mixtures including anticaking agents for improved storability, or mixtures with special fillers to reduce the dust load. Air-entraining compounds are available in a large number of combinations – this is why they are always custom-tuned to customer requirements.

Starch ethers

Berolan starch ethers are modified starches derived from potato, corn, tapioca, and wheat. They can be used for plasters (to improve stability and facilitate screeding), tile adhesives (to prevent tiles from getting dislodged), filling compounds (to improve the gliding properties for screeding and to prolong the open time), and as thickeners in paint systems.

Additives for concrete

The additives specifically developed for use in concrete include air-entraining agents, stabilizers, and superplasticizers. For example, they create a concrete matrix that is resistant to frost and de-icing salt, increase flowability in fresh concrete, improve workability, and reduce concrete bleeding without affecting the air content, and generally create a very stable system. Our polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers are high-performance superplasticizers that achieve a significant water reduction and at the same time maintain a very good consistency. All these products can be combined as desired.

Other products

A large number of other certified Berolan products such as defoamers, retarders, accelerators, stabilizers, plasticizers, and various compounds serve primarily as workability-enhancing additives. They improve the workability, durability and yield of gypsum and cement plasters, reduce the likelihood of cracking in surfaces, decrease adhesiveness to tools, and enable the precise definition of processing times such as pot lives and open times. Wetting agents also help reduce mixing times. Furthermore, clumping in gypsum plasters can be significantly reduced.

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