Berolan air-entraining agents –
for more porosity and lightness.
Berolan products – easy-to-use
solutions for plaster and mortar
Quality from Austria
meeting the highest standards
Berolan air-entraining agents – for more porosity and lightness.
Berolan products – easy-to-use solutions for plaster and mortar.
Quality from Austria meeting the highest standards.

Welcome to Berolan®

 Air-entraining agents from BEROLAN significantly improve the workability of plasters and mortars and make them less prone to cracking. Our certified products can be introduced, dust-free, into storage vessels, and they create a system of fine, stable air voids. As a result, they have a substantial positive influence on the behavior of building materials. They promote the wettability of the dry building material mixture and enhance the dispersive action of the other raw materials. In addition, they improve yield and open time.

Key facts at a glance

Our mission: to enhance porosity and lightness

We want to make things easier for you. Our efficient air-entraining agents are made to meet the highest standards for your work with plasters and mortars. Custom-produced and optimally controlled, BEROLAN products have become an indispensable part of the material formulations of many customers worldwide.

From Arbing to the whole world

Based in Austria, we are a family enterprise that operates globally, building on its wealth of experience and on a wide range of special service offerings. With custom-configured mixtures and fillings, we successfully respond to the specific performance requirements of our customers.

Our claim – highest quality

Thanks to our quality control processes, we are able to guarantee consistent standards for all materials and mixtures used. Regular external monitoring audits and state-of-the-art testing procedures ensure precise measuring results and greater customer satisfaction.

Experience BEROLAN

Feel free to leaf through our interactive brochure and learn all about our efficient, solution-oriented dry mortar additives.