Air-entraining agents

Berolan air entraining agents are powdered surfactants which introduce small stable evenly distributed air voids in the plaster.

+ reduce shrinkage and stress cracks

+ smooth processing

+ improve the open time

Berolan LP-W1

CE-Nr.: 1139-CPD-0802/09


Berolan LP-W1 is a high-performance air-entraining (sodium lauryl sulphate) agent in powder formand an excellent wetting and plasticizing agent for mortar and plasters. Berolan LP-W1 is an excellent foaming agent and plasticizer for the manufacture of ready-to-use plasters, mortar compounds, and filling compounds containing gypsum, lime or cement. Berolan LP-W1 effects the formation of particularly fine, stable air bubbles, thereby condsiderably improving the general performance of resistance, water retention as well frost stability. Tendency towards contraction and crack formation is also reduced as is wear and tear to mixing apparatus and conveyors. Due to its surface active character, Berolan LP-W1 additionally promotes wetting of binders and other ingredients, thus entailing a swifter wetting and dispersion and reducing the tendency towards aggregation during mixing. The necessary quantity depends on the desired effect but generally lies between 0.005 – 0.1 %, calculated on the dry mix. In the majority of cases 0,01% proves sufficient to obtain adequate aeration. The equipment available must also be taken into account, where batch operated mixers generally feed more air into the mortar.

Berolan LP-W7

CE-Nr.: 1139-CPD-0802/09


Berolan LP-W7 is a dried powder of sodium olefin sulphonate for general use in building material systems. It stabilises mechanically entrained air voids. It combines excellent detergency and foaming properties with high solubility and lower irritancy than sodium alkyl sulphates and sodium alkylbenzene sulphonates.

Berolan LP-W4N


Berolan LP-W4N is a low dust air entraining agent for use in gypsum, lime or cement based construction materials with excellent flow properties. It causes an improvement of working by adoption of micro air pores. The small-sized spherical pores supersede the fine grain particles and raise the slipping effect in the fresh mortar. The required dosage may vary over a wide range (0.001 to 0.05 %) and should be detected by preliminary tests, because air pore formation is dependent on several factors (mortar composition, binder grade, fresh mortar consistency, temperature, mixing time and others). The air entraining agent should be intermixed homogeneously in the dry mortar or to the dry mortar components before addition of water. Suitability tests should be run, because raising air contents cause decreasing strengths.The regional prevailing technical rules and standards about masonry mortar and plaster should be considered.

Berolan LP-W4DF


Berolan LP-W4DF is a surface active agent that works as an efficient air entrainer and plasticizer in different formulations for building materials based on gypsum, cement or lime. Berolan LP-W4DF is well suited as wetting agent in various areas of application where reduction of surface tension is essential. Berolan LP-W4DF has excellent flow properties and by that dosing accuracy may be improved. It is also developed to improve handling as dust generated is reduced remarkably. Berolan LP-W4DF imparts improved wetting and dispersion properties for typical mixes applied in the building industry, less tackiness as well as better workability, increases frost resistance and pump ability. The product incorporates uniform, small and stable air bubbles into various mixtures. Low-dust and excellent flow properties during dosage. Normal dosage is 0.005 – 0.05 % sbwc. Necessary dosage to obtain a specified air content depends of binder type, mixer type, w/c ratio, aggregate grading and fines (< 0 - 25 mm). It is always advisable to do test trials to optimize the dosage of air entrainer.

Berolan LP-M1


Berolan LP-M1 is a water-free, highly concentrated amphoteric surfactant for the generation of air pores in concrete, mortar and cement based artificial bricks. It is used as an air-entrainer for various cement-based systems. Berolan LP-M1 may be added as delivered. The required dosage may vary over a wide range (0.01 to 0.10 %) and should therefore be evaluated in suitable tests. For first trials we recommend 0.02 %
Berolan LP-M1 referred to dry substrate.

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